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About Us

Starbury is a socially-conscious brand that believes stylish and affordable shoes should be available to everyone.

Stephon Marbury, former National Basketball Association (NBA) and Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) All-Star, founded the company in 1996 at the onset of his career.

Stephon was one of seven children. He observed how hard his parents worked to provide their family with the necessities - purchasing a pair of $100 athletic shoes was not an option they could afford.

As a child, Stephon remembers watching his mother walk to work in the snow. That image stayed with him into adulthood. He vowed that if he ever had the opportunity, he would do something to make life easier for hard-working people like his parents.

That opportunity arose in 2006. Starbury partnered with clothing retailer Steve and Barry’s to launch the Starbury shoes and apparel brand. The brand became a sensation and sold over 6 million pair of its iconic basketball shoe and 2 million apparel items in a 3-year period.

Despite the success of the Starbury brand, Steve and Barry’s declared bankruptcy in 2009. Consequently, the brand fell dormant. It was at that time that Stephon left the NBA for the CBA. He led his team to three championships and became a well-known and beloved figure in China.

Stephon parlayed his success in China into relationships with shoe manufacturers which allowed him to resurrect the brand. The brand re-entered the US market the summer of 2016.

Even though the brand was dormant for a decade, Stephon and Starbury still believe that style, performance and affordability are not mutually exclusive. Our mission continues to be to positively change the world, one shoe at a time.